quiet coffee grinder Quiet Coffee Grinder

Quiet Coffee Grinder

Noise pollution has always been a problem with many kitchen equipment, and using a coffee grinder is no exception. Regardless of the kind of grinder (blade or burr), these machines are extremely noisy. But, it’s far more important to have coffee that suits your tastes and grinds than it is to have trendy flavorful coffee, …

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Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaner – Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the quiet vacuum cleaner? Many consumers overlook one important factor when purchasing a vacuum cleaner: the noise level. Some manufacturers appear to be unconcerned about this as well. When describing specifications, it’s common to leave out information regarding a vacuum’s decibels values. However, the loudness or quietness of a vacuum is just as …

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The Quietest Blender – Buyer’s Guide

Blending a smoothie is a battlefield way to do so if you ever want to wake up sleeping housemates early morning. Before you hit “go,” too many excellent blenders are incredibly noisy and deserve a warning. Luckily, most major appliance manufacturers have latched on to this problem and try to make the quietest blenders.

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