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Best Silent Clocks – Buyer’s Guide

Once you’re lying in bed drifting off to a well-deserved night, the adage “silence is golden” is never more true. Even if you did everything to soundproof your bedroom, a ticking clock can quickly transform your evening routine into a headache that ends with a broken clock! While many of us prefer to avoid the clock ticking in the bedroom, having a really good wall clock not only adds a nice touch to the room but also eliminates the need to staring back at our phone in the middle of the night, which can disrupt your sleep with blue light. Fortunately, a solution exists in the form of silent clocks.

Best Silent Clocks

Silent Clocks Care Your Health

Clocks that don’t make a sound are ALWAYS great to have in any setting. If you have a home or office where complete silence is required, this is a godsend! It’s critical for those who have trouble concentrating. The movements of quiet clocks eliminate the ticking noise completely. A silent clock is a sure bet because it promotes restful sleep and increased productivity. When it comes to clocks, get rid of the old ones and look for a new silent one right away.

Silent Clocks: FAQ

What kind of clock does not tick?

Silent wall clocks are ideal for use in bedrooms, offices, and study areas. There are no ticking wall clocks with continuously sweeping second hands. The ticking is eliminated because the secondhand does not step from second to second.

How do I mute the clock ticking?

The simplest way to permanently silence a loud ticking clock is to place mass over the ticking mechanism on the rear of the clock, such as a piece of quilting. If all else fails, you can oil the mechanism, but you’ll have to do it every few weeks to keep the clock quiet.

Does a ticking clock help sleep?

Its ability to block out all other noise has made it a popular sleep aid in the past. During the day, those annoying household noises—that faulty dripping faucet or ticking clock—are drowned out by other noises.

What noise is best for deep sleep?

Pink noise has the potential to help you sleep. Researchers discovered that steady pink noise lessens brain waves, which tends to increase stable sleep, in a small 2012 study published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology (official website). Pink noise and deep sleep were also linked in a 2017 study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (official website).

Silent Clocks: Features

A quiet clock with the following features will make you satisfied for a long time when purchased:
1. Sound Be aware that some cheaper clock mechanisms, after years of use and wear and tear, can make very little noise (almost imperceptible except when you really try to hear it). This is especially true when the mechanism has been in use for a long time.
2. Design Clocks must be easy to use and functional. The material of the frame is something to keep in mind. This means choosing a clock that is in harmony with your environment, which is why it’s called the perfect clock design. The black minute and hour hands are some distinguishing characteristics to keep an eye out for. When the background is all black, it can be difficult to make out the numbers.
3. Size Most rooms in the house have at least a 10-inch clock as the standard size, but you may want to use a huge 20-inch+ clock as a centerpiece in your living room, or you may want a smaller clock for your bedroom, like an alarm clock.
4. Readability of Time At the very least, the hands and numbers should be in EQUAL SHAPE. The hands and numbers should be black or white, depending on your preference. What’s so critical about something so insignificant? That’s a good point. Good READABILITY is the answer. You can’t use a clock if you can’t tell the time by looking at it.
5. Power Feature In the event of a power outage, analog clocks work because they are powered by a battery rather than a cable. You can also take it with you and use it wherever you go. On Quartz, on the other hand, the second-hand moves as a result of the movement, traditionally in individual ticks, and is battery-operated.
6. Material Almost anything that can hold the mechanism of a clock can be used to make one. Some of the most widely used materials are plastic, metal, wood, and glass. Plastic clocks tend to be less durable and have a lower overall quality than solid wood clocks.
7. Price For under twenty dollars, you can get a decent clock that will suffice your needs. For less than $40, you can get a high-quality wooden-framed clock that will last a lifetime. Point is, you don’t need to break the bank in choosing a clock, it’s, well a clock.

Silent Clocks: Comparison Table & Main Features

[amazon table=”1817″]

Best Wall Silent Clocks

In this section, we will put on our collection of the best wall clocks in the market.

1. Bernhard Products Black Wall Clock

[amazon box=”B074MD4CVD”]
The Bernhard Non-Tick Clock is a straightforward design, but it’s incredibly well-made. If you’re on a budget and want a quiet clock, you’ll have to pay a little extra for the Bernhard, but it’s an excellent option. The cost of the 10-inch model is around $10. A little more expensive are the 12- and 13-inch models, which are larger, if you need MORE time)))

Silent Non-Ticking Mechanism

The accuracy of quartz-based timepieces is guaranteed. That way, you’ll be able to unwind and sleep peacefully.

Easy to read

Black numbers are displayed in a white background. Ideal for use in a classroom, office, or in your own home.


Ideal for any room in the house, the office, or the classroom. The traditional frame will complement the decor of any room, including the kitchen, lounge room, bedroom, living area, meeting room, or dining room. Check price at,,


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2. Bulova Night Vision Analog Round Wall Clock

[amazon box=”B08B47M38C”]
This clock is ideal for use in the kitchen or bathroom thanks to its easy-to-read numbers and backlit dial. The sensor lights up in low light and turns it off when it’s bright enough to see, but it can be turned off completely if that’s what you prefer. An exclusive feature of Bulova’s watches is their molded two-step case design. Quiet-sweep quartz movement with no ticking seconds hand. Lens made of glass for protection. The clock and illumination require four AA batteries. Check price at,,

3. Bulova 16-Inch Juke Box Retro Dinner Wall Clock with Bluetooth

[amazon box=”B071KWR26M”]
The Bulova Juke Box Retro Diner Wall Clock, inspired by the classic juke box, has an easy-to-read face and Bluetooth speakers for streaming music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. It has a silver mirror polished frame finish that pops up the design. The Bulova Juke Box Retro Diner Wall Clock is inspired by classic 1950s and 1960s juke boxes and is perfect for your kitchen, den, or any room in your house. Any Bluetooth-enabled device can stream music or programming to stereo speakers. It has large metal dial based on the design of vintage jukeboxes from the 1950s and 1960s. Check price at,

4. FirsTime and Co.® Day Date Wall Clock

[amazon box=”B00HQSB4OA”]
Nothing brings a room together like a great clock, and the one you choose for your household should represent your personal style and personality. FirsTime and Co.® Day Date Wall Clock puts that in mind in creating one of the most stylish wall clock in the market. FirsTime and Co.® Day Date Wall Clock gives a modern twist to a classic style. The easy-to-read design of this clock, which is made of plastic, displays the day of the week and the date next to the “3” to help you stay on track with your schedule. This 14-inch timepiece has a traditional black finish and a bold white face that will go with any decor, making it ideal for the home or office. With the wide range of FirsTime and Co.® timekeeping solutions, finding the right clock to suit your style has never been easier! Check price at,,,

Oversized Wall Silent Clocks

An oversized wall clock is a perfect decor for any black wall and accent wall to pop a life out of it, here are some great products to watch out for!

1. Glitzhome Farmhouse Wall Clock 31.5 Inch Oversized Wall Clock

[amazon box=”B08J7PQH7H”]
This one-of-a-kind clock measures 23.62” W31.5” H and 1.97” depth, making it ideal for any room. This wooden wall clock is easy to see and read, with large black Roman numerals against a light-colored background. A beautiful and practical mixture of aesthetic and function!

Oversized Rustic Design

There is no glass on the clock, but it has a classic roman numeral design and an accurate time display. Great for an empty wall, it goes with almost any style of decor, including a farmhouse, country, vintage retro, and modern. It’s a work of art and great home decor because of its simple, farmhouse, and retro design.

The Craftsmanship of the Highest Caliber

Wood and iron combine to create this farmhouse wall clock. It will be a great wall clock and decor to any space in your room with its timber-washed white painted background, embellished with black metal Roman numerals, and open face.


The vintage wall clock comes with keyhole hangers attached, making it safe and simple to hang. It can be a lovely clock for gifting the people you care about. Check price at,,

Video-Tips: Large Wall Clocks Ideas. Wall Decor with Oversized Wall Clocks

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2. Glitzhome 23.75″ Vintage Rectangular Gear Clock

[amazon box=”B08XGN3GHJ”]
The Glitzhome Vintage Rectangular Gear Clock is a stylish addition to any wall in your home or office. Its retro design is complemented by bold Roman numerals and moving gears that are both beautiful and functional.
Some of its features include:
Metal frame with a rectangular shape,
Glass cover with a wood base,
Bold roman numerals are printed on the clock,
3D movable gears in the classic style; and,
Silent quartz movement of excellent quality.
Check price at,

Silent Clocks for Kids

1. Oyster Learning Clock for Kids

[amazon box=”B08JZFJD57″]
This attractive clock includes all of the information you’ll need to teach analog time quickly. Even preschoolers can begin to read the time because all the numbers are written clearly and the hour and minute hands are labeled. Their clock design aids in the development of additional math skills such as counting in fives and learning fractions.

Engaging Clock

This colorful, engaging, and easy-to-read 10 inch wall clock piques children’s interest in learning to tell time. Their clock arrives with a helpful e-book full of tools and games to help kids learn to read an analog clock in a fun way.

Versatile Design

With an elegant wood effect frame and a variety of colors, it’s perfect for a child’s bedroom, playroom, homeschool room, or nursery. For any pre – schools or classroom, a kids learning clock is a must-have teaching tool. Reading analog time becomes a fun part of each day for both boys and girls thanks to the bright non-ticking practice clock.


With its lovely bespoke design, construction quality, safe acrylic face, and cute gift box, this rainbow clock makes a great gift which can be enjoyed for many years! Check price at
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2. Owlconic Telling Time Teaching Clock

[amazon box=”B073SX83CG”]
Using this children’s time clock will keep your child’s attention in a fun and educational way. The engaging layout will keep their attention, and the easy-to-read numbers and hands will help them get used to putting all of the numbers together quickly. Owlconic Telling Time Teaching Clock induces creative learning. The cognitive development that this clocks provide isn’t just for understanding numbers. It also assists children in problem solving and critical thinking. Check price at

3. Tinload Analog Alarm Clock for Kids

[amazon box=”B081CB5Q2Z”]
This colorful 12 and 24 hour Wall Clock, when combined with their easy 2-step teaching system, guides your child through the process of learning to tell time in 12 and 24-hour format. The hands on the clock point to the numbers that your child should learn to read. The clock has 12 and 24 hour numbers displayed on it, as well as detailed instructions on how to use the 2-step teaching system.
The snooze and light buttons are located on the top of the clock in an easy-to-find location. To see the dial in the dark, hold down for 5 minutes of snooze or to light up the clock face on demand. Classic beep alarm sounds, designed to gradually increase in volume with more hurried sounds, lasting nearly an hour or stopping/suspend when the alarm is turned off or the snooze bar is depressed. Check price at

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Alarm Clocks

1. Peakeep Small Battery Operated Analog Travel Alarm Clock

[amazon box=”B073VF186Z”]
The PEAKEEP’s knobs and switches are far more ergonomic than those on competing brands. That’s crucial for an alarm clock, because we’ll most likely be using it every day. PEAKEEP’s appearance and workmanship are also smooth, and it does not appear to be a cheap toy in comparison to other brands’ performance.

Efficient and Versatile in Lighting

It’s a small travel alarm with large numbers and a face that lights up for a brief period when the top button is pressed. It doesn’t require an outlet and runs on a single AA battery, consuming very little power. It doesn’t make any noise, and the controls are simple to understand.

Big Alarm ON/OFF Switch That Moves Up and Down

Thic clock has a big alarm ON/OFF switch in the back that goes up and down which is more convenient to use than some that go sideways.


It isn’t particularly expensive, but it is attractive and keeps accurate time. The font on the white background is larger and bold, making it easy to read. Overall, it’s a decent product to consider. Check price at,

Video: Peakeep Small Battery Operated Analog Travel Alarm Clock Silent No Ticking, Lighted

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2. Seiko Analog Round Tabletop Clock with Alarm

[amazon box=”B0070X3RQ4″]
This alarm clock will help you stay on track. The case is black with a plastic cover with a beep alarm that features a quiet-sweep second hand and eliminates ticking, as well as a get up and glow dial light that illuminates the face. Check price at,,

3. Bulova Oracle Alarm Clock

[amazon box=”B07TS925DZ”]
Aromustime 3-Inches Round Wooden Alarm Clock is a perfect wake-up call for even the most heaviest sleepers. The ascending-style alarm, which combines beeping and flashing lights, begins quietly and gradually increases in volume until it is turned off. This small alarm clock has an easy-to-read clock face and a protective lense that runs the length of the clock face. Ascending alarm begins softly and gradually becomes louder until it is turned off, and it flashes off as it alarms. This alarm clock features a silent quartz movement and a large EZ-read edge-to-edge dial with a simple automatic push-button for setting the time. Check price at,

Digital Alarm Clocks

1. JALL Digital Alarm Clock

[amazon box=”B07WK5C89W”]
There are three alarm settings on this clock. On the same day, you can set three different times. If you and your partner, for example, wake up at different times, this is a good option for both of you! It can also serve as a medical reminder throughout the ages. There’s an extra mode called “oN:E” or “—:E” that determines whether or not it rings on weekends.

Brightness Adjustment on Multiple Levels

It allows you to adjust the brightness on multiple levels. It’s best to lower the brightness at night so that your eyes don’t have to work as hard.

Detection of Temperature and Humidity

It can monitor indoor temperature and humidity using a temperature and humidity sensor. To protect your health, it’s like having a companion.


This alarm clock has to be the most delicate you’ve ever seen. It’s not only a clock, but also a lovely piece of bedroom decor. It is suitable as a gift for everybody due to its stylish appearance and multiple functions! Check price at,

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2. SHARP Home LED Digital Alarm Clock

[amazon box=”B08DHZD3GQ”]
The trusted for over 25 years alarm clocks by Sharp gives the heavysleepers a unique experience of the loudest alarm, that certainly you can change at Low volume. Even kids will manage to set this gudget. You can also tune the brightness according to your wish. Check price at,,

3. DreamSky Auto Set Digital Alarm Clock

[amazon box=”B07G34JD32″]
DreamSky Auto Set Digital Alarm Clock will show you time, date, weekday, alarm time and the indoor temperature every morning! You can find here DST feature, Ascending Frequency Beeping Alarm, USB Charging Port, Snooze Feature and a lot of other nice little things. Check price at,

In Conclusion

There are many different types of silent clocks to choose from. Some have a lot of ornaments, vibrant colors, and innovative looks to suit a person’s taste! Large wall clocks can add a lot of aesthetics to a space. Analog also looks more stylish against a wall, making it ideal for use in a living room or dining room. These clocks must all have one thing in common: they must be quiet. Ultimately, a quiet clock must be straightforward in function with good readability and aesthetics.

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