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Silent Dog Tags: Tips and Tricks

Silent Dog Tags are a new product recently introduced by commercial companies. The silent dog tags, as their name suggests, are a type of dog tag that doesn’t make any noise when worn. Historically, they were firstly used buy military personnels who work with dogs and want to be able to communicate silently with the animals in order to avoid detection from enemies. Today we’re going to discuss why silent dog tags became popular among all dog owners without any exception.

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What is an ID Dog Tag?

Dog tags are a new way to mark your lost pet. The ID tag includes owner’s name and address on the tag; your phone number is also useful. Usually the ID tag is sewn onto the pet’s collar. Always remember to keep the contact information on the tag up to date.

What material is common Dog Tag made of?

In accordance with its purpose, the tag should have the following properties:

  • durable
  • waterproof
  • corrosion-resistant
  • safe for pets.

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Ensure that your dog’s collar isn’t too heavy or light, and that it fits reasonably firmly but not tightly. It’s also critical to verify that your dog’s ID tags are the correct size for his neck and aren’t excessively weighty.

There two main types of material:

  • metals
  • plastics

Metal dog tags are highly resistant to being damaged or destroyed by your dog’s teeth, even when chewed through. Depending on the type of metal used in manufacturing them, these might be very safe or less scratch-resistant. Dog ID tags tend to be made out of aluminum, stainless steel, brass or some alloy of metals. Aluminum tags are lightweight, colorful, easy to make and very readable when new.

Tags made of stainless steel are both durable and non-rusting. Stainless steel is also quite simple to engrave, much like many other metals. Because stainless steel is lighter than other metals, it makes an ideal dog ID tag.

But, metal dog tags aren’t safe when subjected to canine gnashing action. Engraved data inscribed on such tags is not always protected from abrasion in this case.


What does “A Silent Dog Tag” meant?

Silent dog tags are silent means of identification. They do not make noise, nor do they jingle like traditional metal tags you might find on your pet’s collar. Silent dog tags come in several different materials, plastic and silicone being the most common options available to consumers today. Plastic is very durable but can be slightly reflective which makes it easier for people to see in the dark.

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Silent dog tags are all the rage right now. Instead of making noise, they can be helpful if you want your pup to stay quiet when they’re sleeping or in an otherwise precarious situation. Silent dog tags prevent the yapping and scratching sounds of a swimming dog, as well as the clanging of his tag on his water and meal dishes. For both people and dogs, it’s an annoyance and a distraction.

The standard ID tags are made of metal or plastic, and simply hang from the front of your dog’s collar and they are the most noisy ID tags. Alternatively, you may have plate ID tags that are placed directly on your dog’s collar, which is an excellent option if the jingling sound of ID tags annoys you.

Silent Dog Tags: plastic and silicone

Typically silent dog tags are made of plastic or silicone that can stand up to aggressive play and adventures. The flexible material can twist, bend, stretch, glow in the dark, and best of all, it is totally silent. Silicon tags also last longer than metal tags.

At the same time plastic tags also have drawbacks, information on them can be erased, or the tag can accidentally come off during more active and aggressive games.

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Practical and Easy to Use

It is clear that the Silent Dog Tags are a great new product for any dog owner. On a number of sites on the Internet, you can find original and customized versions of silent dog tags. Silent dog tags is a practical and easy to use product available in many different colors with your choice of engraving!

If you do not have an idea about what type of silent dog tags you want, do not hesitate to reach us!