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Why PS4 Is So Loud and How to Fix It

Do you own a Play Station 4? If so, you may have noticed that it is significantly louder than other gaming consoles. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are trying to play a game or watch a movie and the PS4 is so loud that you can’t hear anything else. In this blog post, we will discuss why PS4 is so loud and how to fix it!

ps4 loud fan Why PS4 Is So Loud and How to Fix It

Play Station 4: Your Games Library 

The Play Station is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the market. It has been around for more than two decades, and it continues to dominate the living rooms of gamers all over the world. Play Station comes with a vast library of games that are fun to play and thrilling experiences for every gamer out there. But Play station also has its fair share of problems that make it less enjoyable for some people. One such problem is Play station’s loudness level when playing games or watching movies on Blu-ray discs or DVDs . PSX noise levels often reach 80 decibels which can be uncomfortable when using headphones or speakers close by (about three feet away from your ears). Even worse  is if someone else lives in the same household and is trying to sleep or concentrate in the same room.

Main Reasons Why Play Station 4 Is Too Loud

There are a few reasons why Play Station is so loud when compared to other gaming consoles on the market. The first reason has to do with Sony’s decision to use a mechanical fan inside the PSX console instead of an electronic one. Electronic fans tend to be much quieter than their mechanical counterparts, but Sony decided to go with tradition and include a louder fan within their Play Station design. Another reason for the loud noise levels is that Play Station does not have any type of software setting that allows gamers to adjust the volume level . This means that if you want your Play Station games or movies to be quieter, you will need to purchase external speakers or headphones that have a lower volume setting.

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How To Fix Play Station’s Loudness

Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to fix Play Station’s loudness issue and make your gaming experience more enjoyable. The first step is to try using external speakers or headphones rather than relying on the built-in speaker system that comes with the Play Station . This will help reduce the noise levels significantly and make it easier for you to enjoy your games or movies without having to worry about disturbing others in the room. If this does not work, then you can try downloading one of Sony’s many software updates that are designed to address Play station’s sound issues. One such update is called “PSX quieter mode” and it can be downloaded from the Play Station Store.

images 2022 02 12T180122.893 Why PS4 Is So Loud and How to Fix It

Use External Speakers Or Headphones

Once you have installed this update, then all that is left to do is wait until Play Station starts making less noise. The Play Station will automatically start up in quieter mode, and it should stay this way for about five minutes. If Play station does not make any noticeable change after five minutes, then it may be time for you to purchase external speakers or headphones instead of relying on the built-in speaker system that comes with your Play Station console. There are a few different types of headphones available today including noise cancelling ones which can help reduce PSX’s loudness issue even further . These types tend to cost a little bit more than their standard counterparts but they are worth every penny if you want an enjoyable Play Station experience without all the noise.

2578464 headphones Why PS4 Is So Loud and How to Fix It

In Conclusion

So, is the Play Station 4 a great console? Absolutely. Is it perfect? No. But hopefully, we’ve been able to show you that many of these issues can be fixed with some simple adjustments on your part. If you’re still experiencing problems with excessive noise or any other issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help!