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Zenbooth vs Room Soundproof Booths

When exploring the realm of soundproof booths, one cannot escape the allure of their soundproofing capabilities. It’s within this arena that Zenbooth and Room make their respective claims, enticing prospective users with promises of acoustic sanctuaries. Let’s delve into the two distinctive territories – the types of booths each manufacturer produces and the soundproofing abilities they profess.

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1. What Types of Booths do Zenbooth and Room Offer?

Zenbooths: Engineered Sound Dampening

Zenbooths products is a delicate equilibrium between acoustic excellence and safety has been meticulously crafted. The Znbooths privacy pods are not engineered to achieve complete soundproofing, this design approach is underpinned by a crucial consideration: your safety during emergency scenarios. Maintaining auditory awareness, such as the ability to hear a fire alarm, remains paramount while utilizing our pods.

The design and engineering teams behind these privacy pods have painstakingly optimized the acoustic performance. The outcome is a precisely calibrated soundscape that ensures confidential conversations conducted within the booths stay confined, impervious to external audibility, and vice versa. To bolster this sound dampening prowess, specialized features have been integrated. The doors are equipped with unique hinges that facilitate automatic closure, resulting in a seamless seal upon departure. Additionally, strategically positioned magnets within the door frame guarantee a secure and hermetic closure, augmenting the pod’s sound dampening capabilities.

Room: an Adaptive Haven

On the other side of the spectrum, Room introduces a diverse repertoire of booth designs, each offering a distinct purpose and function. With options ranging from single-wall to double-wall configurations, these booths redefine versatility. They seamlessly transition between roles such as

  • vocal booths for musicians seeking flawless recordings to accommodating voice-over sessions, language translation endeavors, broadcasts, music practice sessions,
  • office solutions, and
  • even specialized setups like medical or audiology testing labs and post-production environments.

The breadth of Room’s offerings underscores their dedication to crafting solutions that cater to the unique demands of diverse industries, reflecting their commitment to flexibility and adaptability.

In this dynamic arena of soundproof booths, Zenbooth and Room stand as epitomes of innovation, catering to a plethora of requirements with precision and finesse.

2. What Soundproofing Abilities do Both Booths Have?


Zenbooth makes resounding claims about its soundproofing prowess. Their booths pledge to muffle external and internal sounds by approximately 30 decibels, allowing for undisturbed work, calls, or recordings.

Among their star players is the Zenbooth Solo, a model that wears multiple hats – from office phone booth to recording studio. With dimensions of 84.5” H x 45.5” W x 41” D externally and 83” H x 36” W x 33.25” D internally, this Solo act blends seamlessly into office landscapes.

Moreover, Zenbooth presents a compromise for the open office dilemma. As the negative perception of enclosed workspaces is scrutinized, Zenbooth’s portable soundproof office pods offer a remedy that allows employees to escape the noise while still enjoying an open office environment. The exterior and interior walls are crafted from high-grade, pre-finished, recycled maple, while a 3.5-inch thick layer of cotton and recycled denim insulation completes the acoustic haven. This design can block up to 40 decibels of external noise, fostering an environment of tranquility within. It almost entirely eliminates external noise, creating an environment where productivity thrives without external distractions.


Room’s soundproof phone booths, with dimensions H 7′ 5” x W 3′ 5” x D 3′ 7”, carve out a private domain for focused work or video conferences. This compact oasis reduces internal noise by 30 decibels, ensuring conversations stay confined within its walls. The versatility of Room’s offerings extends to its compatibility with activities ranging from musical practice to medical testing.

Room’s commitment to acoustic control is showcased through its phone booths. These compact chambers hold the promise of internal noise reduction by 30 decibels on the NIC scale. Whether it’s tackling the clamor of open-plan offices or creating an oasis of concentration, Room’s soundproofing strategy aims to elevate the quality of vocal recordings and conversations alike.

The Missing Research and Certificates

As we tread through the symphony of soundproofing claims, it’s worth noting the absence of conclusive research or certificates validating the asserted capabilities. The search results do not provide a resounding chorus of academic studies or industry certifications that solidify the soundproofing prowess of these booths. This vacuum leaves room for cautious contemplation, urging potential users to weigh the claims against the available evidence.

3. Dimensions and Capacity

Zenbooth’s Spatial Arrangements

Zenbooth orchestrates a variety of booth sizes to accommodate diverse spatial needs. The Zenbooth Solo, with exterior dimensions of 84.5” H x 45.5” W x 41” D and interior dimensions of 83” H x 36” W x 33.25” D, stands as a versatile soloist, catering to individual workspace requirements. The Zenbooth Quad introduces a more capacious option, providing ample room for collaborative sessions or a private retreat.

Room’s Spatial Symphony

Room introduces a range of soundproof phone booths, each playing a distinct note in the spatial arrangement. The Room phone booth boasts dimensions of H 7′ 5” x W 3′ 5” x D 3′ 7” (H 225.6cm x W 105.4cm x D 110cm), making it an apt choice for solo engagements such as video conference calls or focused work sessions. These dimensions offer an intimate yet functional space for individual use.

Additional Offerings and Insights

While Zenbooth’s Solo and Quad models cater to individual and collaborative needs, Room’s soundproof phone booth focuses on solo work and private calls. Both manufacturers take a tailored approach to spatial design, considering the needs of different professionals and work scenarios. Customers seeking more spacious setups might find Zenbooth’s Quad model appealing, while those seeking a dedicated solo workspace could gravitate towards Room’s phone booth. It’s essential to select dimensions that harmonize with your workspace requirements to create an environment conducive to productivity.

4. Interior Amenities

Zenbooth’s Interior Ensemble

Zenbooth conducts a symphony of interior amenities to enrich your workspace experience. The Zenbooth Solo features integrated dimmable lighting and a skylight ceiling, crafting a bright and open ambiance. This not only enhances visual comfort but also contributes to a more inviting atmosphere. Additionally, the electric adjustable desk allows seamless transitions between desk heights, fostering ergonomic work habits. These features create a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics within the booth’s confines.

Room’s Interior Overture

Room’s soundproof phone booth boasts a modern and sleek design that seamlessly integrates with any office setting. With specific details regarding interior amenities, Room’s emphasis on adaptable spaces implies an ergonomic approach. Their design philosophy likely encompasses ergonomic seating arrangements, adjustable lighting solutions, and practical workspace layout to ensure that users can focus on tasks comfortably.

Finding the Right Tune

Both Zenbooth and Room prioritize creating an interior environment that fosters productivity and comfort. While Zenbooth’s Solo model offers integrated lighting and an electric adjustable desk, Room’s design focus centers around a contemporary and adaptable aesthetic. Potential users should consider their preferences for interior amenities, whether it’s the convenience of integrated lighting and adjustable desks or a sleek and modern design that complements their workspace. The harmony between functionality and aesthetics within these booths aims to enhance the overall work experience.

5. Installation Complexity

Zenbooth’s Installation Notes

Zenbooth provides customers with third-party installation instructions, emphasizing the importance of proper setup for their booths. This approach implies that some level of expertise or assistance might be needed to ensure a successful installation process. Zenbooth acknowledges the significance of correct assembly in delivering optimal performance, mirroring a pragmatic approach that aligns with customer expectations.

Room’s Installation Approach

Unfortunately, the search results do not yield specific information regarding Room’s installation process. This absence of details leaves customers curious about the level of complexity and guidance offered when setting up Room’s soundproof booths.

6. Returns and Refunds

Zenbooth’s Return Policies

Zenbooth’s melody extends to their return policies, where they emphasize coordination with Zenbooth and their logistical partners for a streamlined return process. The company ensures that customers experience a harmonious journey in case they need to return a unit, highlighting their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Room’s Refund Dynamics

On the other hand, the search results offer no symphony of information regarding the return and refund conditions for Room’s soundproof booths. The lack of clarity leaves potential customers in the dark about the specific steps and conditions associated with returning a product, raising questions about Room’s approach to handling such matters.

7. Design: Where Aesthetics Resonate

Zenbooth’s Design Showcase

Zenbooth’s design composition takes center stage, with models like the Zenbooth Solo and Zenbooth Quad harmonizing with different customer needs. The Zenbooth Solo stands out as a versatile performer, transforming into an office phone booth, recording studio, or serene sanctuary. The minimalist and natural aesthetic reinforces Zenbooth’s commitment to creating a practical yet visually appealing workspace solution.

Room’s Design Presentation

Room’s design notes resonate with modernity and versatility. Their soundproof phone booths are designed to adapt to dynamic office environments, offering flexible spaces for solo work and private conversations. The sleek and contemporary design seamlessly blends with existing office aesthetics, showcasing Room’s dedication to crafting products that align with evolving workplace trends.

In evaluating these categories, it’s evident that Zenbooth and Room offer unique approaches to installation, returns, and design. While Zenbooth emphasizes expert installation and clear return processes, Room’s details in these areas remain to be uncovered. Additionally, both manufacturers showcase diverse design models, each catering to different preferences and work settings. As customers, it’s important to consider these factors alongside other criteria such as soundproofing capabilities and customer reviews to make an informed decision.

8. Customer Insights on Zenbooth Soundproof Booths

Diving into the sea of customer reviews, a symphony of opinions emerges, shedding light on the experiences with Zenbooth privacy pods. These voices, drawn from diverse professional backgrounds, collectively paint a comprehensive portrait of the Zenbooth journey.

Quality and Cost-Effectiveness: Arif from Komodo Health eloquently expressed that Zenbooth stood out for its superior quality, surpassing ROOM, and remarkably, at half the price of Framery. This sentiment resonates as a testimony to Zenbooth’s commitment to providing excellence without the burden of exorbitant costs.

Expanding Spaces and Acoustic Sanctuaries: Numerous users extolled the Zenbooth Solo’s transformative impact on their work environment. The booth’s presence facilitated the expansion of conference rooms for larger meetings, underscoring the versatility and adaptability of Zenbooth solutions. Clients universally appreciate the optimized acoustic environment within Zenbooths, which envelops conversations in a cocoon of privacy, enhancing concentration and fostering confidential exchanges.

Pragmatic Perks and Intuitive Design: The resonance of satisfaction extends beyond sound isolation. The agility in meeting clients’ needs is manifested in Zenbooth’s swift lead times and the option to test a booth for 30 days, underlining Zenbooth’s confidence in their product. The integration of practical features such as dimmable lighting, a skylight ceiling that bathes the space in natural radiance, and an electric adjustable desk that seamlessly accommodates changes in work preferences, garners admiration.

Comfort and Well-being: The ventilation system, akin to an invisible guardian, dynamically maintaining a cool and invigorating atmosphere, becomes an unsung hero for those ensconced in Zenbooth spaces. Users’ satisfaction is palpable as they luxuriate in an environment that cherishes both comfort and productivity.

The Zenbooth Solo: The Zenbooth Solo emerges as a versatile masterpiece. Positioned as a standalone haven for private phone calls and focused endeavors, it embodies the quintessence of a sanctuary within bustling workspaces.

9. Customer Insights on ROOM Soundproof Booths

Certified Convenience: The pre-certified nature of ROOM’s soundproof phone booth obliterates the bureaucratic hurdles often associated with securing permits. This seamless solution offers not just soundproofing, but also a streamlined approach to spatial enhancement.

Aesthetic Integration: The modern and sleek design of ROOM’s soundproof phone booth earns nods of approval for its seamless integration into various office aesthetics. Aesthetic harmony meets acoustic solace, forging an ambiance that resonates with both function and form.

From Construction to Convenience: Cost-effectiveness takes center stage as the soundproof phone booth emerges as a pragmatic alternative to traditional construction. With prices ranging from $3,495 to $4,995, this solution bridges the gap between affordability and excellence.

Flexible Frames: Assembling and disassembling ROOM’s soundproof phone booth is a breeze, serving the needs of those seeking adaptable workspaces. The convenience of rapid transformation aligns with the dynamic demands of modern work environments.

Beyond Purchase: Assurance and Exploration: The offering of a 100-day risk-free trial shines a light on ROOM’s confidence in their product. This period of exploration enables customers to ascertain the booth’s suitability before fully committing.

Video: Zenbooth Review – Bay Area Technical School


In the symphony of soundproofing possibilities, Zenbooth and Room present intriguing compositions. The key lies in discerning the harmony between their claims and real-world performance. The melodies of customer reviews and tangible experiences will ultimately provide the harmony that guides your choice, orchestrating the perfect blend of soundproofing and satisfaction.

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