Friday, December 15, 2023

About Us

Silence Wiki is a project about sound, noise, and soundproofing. Silence Wiki was founded by two DIY enthusiasts who also happen to be sound engineers. We were frustrated with the lack of high-quality information on how to solve problems in homes that have been poorly designed for acoustics. All across the country, people are living in apartments without any consideration given to how they might hear themselves think or sleep at night. Noise pollution is a pervasive problem affecting everyone from college students studying late into the night, teachers trying to teach their classes next door, and families looking for a quiet place to raise their children.

We created this website so we could share our knowledge and help others find solutions – even if it’s just advice on how to ask for help. We are passionate about preventing sound problems before they start, but also recognize that there are cases where noise is inevitable and people will need to take steps to protect their ears or block out noise. This website provides information on the wide range of options available when it comes to protecting your ears whether you’re a renter in an apartment building or a homeowner trying to keep the peace in your home.

This site has three sections

1. Product reviews
We will be conducting and posting reviews on products that we believe to be helpful for blocking sound, covering noise, or improving the soundproofing of homes.

2. Soundproofing
We discuss how to use noise control products to solve problems in your home; we provide specific guidance on using QuietRock, mass-loaded vinyl (MLV), and other products such as insulation and drywall.

3. Noise Basics
We have a lot of information about the science of noise if you’re interested in learning more.

Our Team

About Us

I’m a 34-year-old freelance musician and soundproofing specialist, DIY enthusiast, blog author, and Silence Wiki founder originally from the Netherlands. I’ve been a musician for over 15 years now – playing all sorts of instruments but especially guitar and saxophone. As a soundproofing specialist, I help people with their acoustic needs in order to make them happy! I also enjoy DIY projects around the house or wherever else they are needed – thanks to my wife who always has great ideas!Flick Emil Henricus

About Us

I work as an engineer in the soundproofing industry and love learning about anything that has to do with sound.
I also run Silence Wiki which is a free wiki for information on noise control, acoustics, and related topics!
When I’m not working or doing research, I like to play music (mostly guitar) and make things out of wood, metal, or other materials.
Armaan O'Doherty

Contact us at [email protected]. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated!