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How To Soundproof a Room for Free

Soundproofing a room on a budget is easy and can be done with common household items. When you soundproof your bedroom, it will help mask outside noise and eliminate distractions while you sleep. Soundproofing your living room will make it easier to watch TV without the neighbors yelling or fighting in the background. Follow these simple steps to learn how to sound proof any room for free!

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Ways To Soundproof a Room for Free

We’ve written about home office soundproofing in our recent blogpost How to soundproof a home office

But could you soundproof a room for free? Yes, if you’re in a jam and need some soundproofing, there are lots of options for free or low-cost ideas. Here’s how to do it.

Absorb sound

One of the main methods to improve sound insulation in a room is to place materials and objects in it that absorb soundYou could implement it as follows.

One way you could do this would be by moving any large furniture items into rooms with thinner walls, which will absorb sound waves before it travels deeper into your building’s structure. Bulky furniture and objects that can be moved, such as huge TV’s or filing cabinets. This will leave more distance between you and any unwanted noise.

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  • add carpeting or rugs 

In order to reduce sound in a room, it is best not only use carpeting or rugs but also add anything soft like cushions and pillows. Soft surfaces absorb noise making them effective at deadening environmental distractions so you can focus on your task at hand with less interruption from outside sounds

  • hang drapes or curtains

Another way to soundproof a room is with drapes or curtains. These types of fabric can block out noise just like they do light, so it’s easy for you not have an issue hearing what goes on in your own home! Hanging them from the ceiling will ensure that there are no gaps where sounds could leak through into another area below – this includes both closet doors as well any other nearby rooms with carpeting above ground level (such as next door).

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Just add some soundproofing materials like tracing paper and eggs cartoons to walls or ceilings. The pyramidal shape will trap the sound waves, so they won’t be able ot get out through walls or ceilings.


  • add a rug underlay

This will absorb all footsteps and impact sounds so that they don’t bounce around too much in order for it make a lot more difficult when someone walks or runs on top while talking with another person nearby.

  • hang up paintings or tapestries

No matter the shape and the techniques, this will break up flat surfaces so that waves bounce off before they enter into other areas in which may cause discomfort due hearing loss like bedrooms for example. This proves especially helpful when considering what type of material should be chosen because different materials absorb sounds differently.

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  • hang blankets over the walls and doors

You can use blankets to cover doorways, walls or windows in your home that may be causing unwanted noise pollution from outside sounds like traffic congestion. Hanging soundproofing b;ankets will amplify any vibrations passing through.

Prevent Sound Leakage

Another way to soundproof any room easily is to prevent sound leakage in and out it, You may try the next:

  • tack acoustic caulk 

You can seal the holes in your walls to reduce sound that enters a room. All-purpose caulk is recommended for this task because it has an acoustic rating of 41Db or less and will keep any unwanted noise from leaking out into other areas

Apply window’s weatherstripping tape to prevent noise from entering and leaving. If you maintain a silence in the midst of wind, rain or snow storms, then start by taping all windows with this solution that will stop whatever air moving through them before they reach an exterior surface like walls or doorways.

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You can make an effective door sweep that will close up all gaps underneath the doors. It was really easy – almost too simple-to do; it only requires some gluegunning skills!

Best of Free Soundproofing 

Soundproofing a room is an important consideration for your home or office. It can be done cheaply and easily with some common household items you probably already have around the house. If you need some help, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Follow these simple steps and be prepared to enjoy a much quieter environment in no time – soundproofing is an easy way to make any space more peaceful and enjoyable!