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The Quietest Places In A City: Do They Exist?

The big city is an array of sounds, from birds chirping to music playing. The thing that really stands out are the background noises you can hear. You can hear cars and trucks on the main roads as well as people and children on their own side streets or sidewalks.

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Noise Pollution

It is tough for the people to find tranquil places because the city is full of crowds. Traffic congestion makes the city noisier and if people go to libraries and libraries are also very noisy due to construction the roadside. Scientists have linked noise pollution to elevated blood pressure, loss of sleep, increased heart rate, cardiovascular constriction, labored breathing, and changes in brain chemistry. So can the city’s secret sanctuaries, those pockets where ever so occasionally the clamor subsides. In this busy world, it’s important to find a tranquil place to rest.

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City Acoustic Environment

For a comfortable acoustic environment, it is important to reduce the background noise in an open public area so that one can hear conversations and differentiate between people. Strong visual cues have been shown to be helpful in creating this sense of comfort.

From time to time, almost all residents of big cities look for quiet places in them, where you can take a break from the city bustle, loud sounds and monotonous noise of road traffic. And even in the world’s most exciting cities, you can find peace and tranquility at an unscheduled getaway like a nearby café with no crouds.

What Is A Quiet Area?

The traffic level needs to not be too loud so that it’s interfering, or else you won’t be able to hear any of the other soundscapes or sounds. It would also help if you could experience some natural background noise like birds chirping.Those who are looking for tranquil seclusion, probably want a more rural location with fewer people. There should be plenty of greenery around to help you relax, and the sound levels will at least not be too overpowering. People want the peace of mind that urban areas offer, but also find them unpleasant, attempting to distance themselves from the noise.

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The sound of your surroundings plays a huge role in your mental wellbeing and can be detrimental to those who need peace and quiet. Aim for around 50 dB in busy urban areas, but it is possible to go lower if you have knowledge of acoustics. The high limit of 55 dB could be appropriate for an area of active urban recreation without a specific demand for tranquility.

What Are The Common Quietest Places In A Big City?

When you are in need of some peace and quiet, even the city can be too noisy. One of the great places to find it is in a garden or up on a hill-top. This small walk will actually improve your health and make you feel better overall. Booking a long-trip flight is a costly decision, so to destress and escape from all the noise we recommend urban retreats where you find yourself in need of silence.

There are many popular destinations of seclusion and tranquility that are used by the public. Churches, gardens, libraries, and of course parks. These places can be difficult to find but their inaccessibility often helps keep the crowds away. You can find quiet (or at least relative quiet) in any city.

Besides, Sunday morning seems to be the best time option if you are seeking for a right quiet place in a big city. People tend to not do anything on Sunday either–it’s a day of rest. It’s important to take it easy here, so if you get up early on a Sunday morning you essentially have the entire city to yourself. It’s very quiet and calm with no traffic and little people out and about.

Uncommon Quietest Places In A Big City

A Rooftop Café

Although the main streets may be busy, there are quite a few different places nearby if you want to go food shopping amid small restaurants. Past them, some of them very far away and hidden in alleys which may not feel as welcoming, but they do provide an array of different perspectives on where you might want to go with your lunch.

Distant Beach/Abandoned Lake Shore

You can make a small trip to the shore and have a pleasent time for relax and rest. Walk away and take in the view on a clear day or mist on a rainy one. Bask in the sun while admiring the blue sky and fluffy white clouds, enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch in complete silence.

A Small But Original Bookstore

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A small but original bookstore of one owner is the perfect place to escape to if you have an hour or so to spare. Quietly browse through the assortment. Choose a cover you like and settle in on one of the many comfortable couches or chairs in the store for a quiet hour. In such stores, visitors usually try not to disturb other readers, and such bookstores are cool and quiet.


All of us are looking for a quiet place to relax from time to time, and even residents of big cities are not deprived of this luxury. Do a little research and you will surely find places where you can get away from the city noise and traffic. Write to us in the comments if you really found such a quiet corner in your metropolis!