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Do Plantation Shutters Reduce Noise? All You Need to Know

Do plantation shutters reduce noise? Plantation shutters are a great way to control the light and temperature in your home, but do they help with sound too?

Shutters can be very helpful for those who live near airports or highways. These areas often have high levels of ambient noise that can disrupt sleep and impair hearing. The use of window treatments such as plantation shutters can help block out the sounds from outside making it easier to sleep at night.

plantation shutters Do Plantation Shutters Reduce Noise? All You Need to Know

What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are a popular wood shutter choice because of the timeless elegance they provide. They also give your home a unique look and feel, which is why many homeowners choose to have them installed in their homes instead of other window treatments such as blinds or curtains.

In general, the plantation shutters are wood window treatments that typically cover the entire window behind one common frame. They can be opened and closed, but they do not go up or down like traditional blinds or shades. Plantation shutters come in many different styles; however, the most popular style is louvered which means that there are horizontal panels on each side of the shutter (typically stiles) with vertical slats between them (typically rails). These provide for an airy look while still providing privacy when necessary! Another popular style of plantation shutters is the raised panel which features a rail with vertical slats as well, but they have no stiles. They can be opened and closed just like traditional blinds or shades making them very versatile!

In addition to being beautiful window treatments, numerous homeowners choose plantation shutters because they will help reduce noise from outside sources such as traffic and neighbors’ houses – especially after living in your home for some time when you become accustomed to noises that may not have been noticeable before moving into your new home. Some people even buy these window treatments for their pets so that if there are any distractions going on outside while trying to sleep, it helps block out most of the noise.

How Do Plantation Shutters Can Block Out Noise?

So, if you want window treatments for your home but also value sound reduction qualities, then plantation shutters may be exactly what you need! Not only will these provide an elegant look and feel while still blocking out noise from outside sources; thus preserving peace and quiet within your home so everyone can sleep well at night – especially your pets!

Most plantation shutters are made of titled wooden slats, glass, or metal which are designed into a frame. They are opened like doors that make them differ from simple pull-string blind curtains. It helps to reduce or even block the noise that passes through them.

There are two ways that plantation shutters can help block out unwanted noise.

– The first is through the design of the window treatments with their horizontal and vertical slats allowing for excellent sound blocking abilities (especially louvered styles). If you live in a home where there is more than one level, then this will be especially beneficial as well because it also reduces echoes which makes conversations easier to understand without having to repeat yourself over and over again!

– Another way that these window treatments reduce noise from outside sources is by being installed on exterior walls. This means your windows will have an extra lining of wood between them and any noises coming from outdoors so they do not penetrate into your home as easily if at all. However, keep in mind that many homeowners choose to install them on the inside of their windows (especially in colder weather) since they do not require any maintenance or upkeep to ensure that they are working properly.

The Different Types of Plantation Shutters

Just like there are many different types of plantation shutters, they also come in a variety of materials. Some homeowners prefer to use shutter panels that can be created from any type of material such as vinyl (not wood) and aluminum which means your window treatments will not require much maintenance or upkeep at all. However, if you live in an area where it snows often during the winter months then choosing exterior-grade lumber may be ideal for you because this is designed with weather resistance features to prevent storm damage and rot without compromising its design qualities!

There are several other things to consider when deciding on what kind of plantation shutters would work best for your home including its overall style, how much sunlight exposure you want them blocked out from, and if you have pets in your home. Let’s take a look at the most common types of plantation shutters.

plantation shutters from graber window treatments id gws0806 rn041210ca Do Plantation Shutters Reduce Noise? All You Need to Know

Smooth Hardwood

If you have a more traditional-style home, then smooth hardwood plantation shutters may be perfect for your windows. Many homeowners choose these because they are the most commonly available and come in different colors. They look great on both modern as well as more classic homes which means they will fit in with any type of design style you decide to go with!

Also, hardwood is a good soundproofing material that will probably reduce the outside noise.

Wood Hybrid

If you want a more eco-friendly option, then wood hybrid shutters may be the perfect choice for your home. These are made of recycled and renewable hardwood and softwoods which means it is better for our environment.

It’s also important to note that all types of shutter panel materials can reduce noise from outside sources if installed onto exterior walls such as vinyl, aluminum, or even steel depending on what features you need them to have in order to suit your needs best.

Grained Wood

If you want a more traditional look for your plantation shutters, then grained wood may be a perfect choice. Many homeowners prefer this style of window treatment because it is made from real hardwood which means it can go with almost any design theme whether modern or classic in nature.

However, there are also two great benefits if you choose these types of shutter panels such as reducing outside noise through soundproofing and that they can be installed on exterior walls. This ensures they do get damaged during storms such as high winds or severe weather, but they will not get damaged by the sun because it is installed against exterior walls instead of interior ones.


Vinyl plantation shutters are one of the best types of window treatments for reducing noise from outside sources. They are highly durable and waterproof because they lack most natural materials such as wood grain which makes them great against harsh weather conditions including rain, snow, wind damage, etc. It makes it possible to install them on the external side of a window. This ensures homeowners do not have to go through much hassle when caring for their plantation shutters either by repainting them, refinishing them, or any other similar procedures.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Plantation Shutters?

To install plantation shutters, you will need to hire a professional and experienced installer. The cost of installing them varies on several factors such as:

  • Type of material used for the shutter panels;
  • The height and width measurements of your windows/doorways
  • Type of installment: external or internal;
  • The number of shutters you need.

This means if they are custom-sized then it can cost significantly more than having standard sizes made especially when working with wood or other natural materials which require extra work time in order for them to be shaped accordingly! This is why many homeowners choose vinyl because these types of window treatments do not require much customization at all so it reduces overall installation costs drastically.

Average installation costs of wood or natural materials per square foot for one window/doorway is anywhere from $100-$150 per square foot with an average price of about $140 according to most experts in the industry. For vinyl, these are more affordable and much easier to install because they do not require as much time to be customized so you will only pay around $45-65 per linear foot depending on how professional the contractor who provides them is! Vinyl also comes prefinished which means you could possibly save even more money than using other types such as hardwood too if that sounds like a better option for what you need at home.

Choosing plantation shutters is a good choice if you want to reduce some noise coming from the streets especially if you live in a house. So, if you want to live in silence it will be a good decision to install them on your windows and feel calmer.

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