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The Truth About Silent Pocket: Product and Features

When it comes to silent pockets, people want the truth. That is why we are here to give you some answers that may help you decide if silent pocket is right for you. We will discuss product features and answer questions about silent pockets like how they work, what size do I need? What are silent pockets? Are silent pockets really safe? How much does the Silent Pocket cost? And more!

What is a Silent Pocket?

A silent pocket is comparable to a Faraday bag. The silent pocket creates the same effect of blocking out noise but it’s much more convenient, easier to clean and has many other features that set it apart from just being a silent container for your phone.

The silent pocket is made of two pieces of fabric with an adhesive strip attached to the inside middle section. When these two pieces are pressed together they form a noise cancelling shell around your phone or device up to 12 inches long and it only takes about 15 seconds! One side blocks out all sound coming from outside while allowing you to hear any sounds coming from within; this allows you to use your phone on public transportation, in a meeting with your friends and family or any other place where you want to be able to listen quietly without disturbing others around you.

RFID Protections and Other Devices

The silent pocket also provides protection against RFID readers, chips and other types of wireless intrusion. Any information stored on an RFID chip can be read by anyone with the right equipment unless it is blocked out. silent pockets are designed to block any form of wireless communication including data from smart cards, keyless entry systems for cars or home alarm.

Specifications of Silent Pockets Faraday Bags

The silent pocket comes in different sizes and colors to match phones, tablets and cards.

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  • The silent phone pocket measures 12″ long and fit any smartphone up to that size, including iphones or other android phones,
  • silent pockets for tablets measure 15″ long and will fit any tablet up to that size, including iPads or Galaxy Tabs,
  • silent pocket is a slightly larger version at 17 inches long which can be used as an iPad bag in addition to being a wallet.

Ease of Use

Silent pockets are very easy to use. They can be attached in just a few seconds with the silent pocket adhesive strip that is included, or they can simply slip into your phone case for even more convenience. You never have to worry about losing them because silent pockets come with an RFID blocking band around the edge which tells you when it’s lost.

Is Silent Pocket Technology Safe for people?

The silent pocket is made of a lightweight material and the only electronic component in it is conductive fabric with an aluminum coating. All information about silent pockets technology which includes FCC testing reports, product manuals etc. can be found on their website.

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Customer reviews of silent pockets

“I love silent pocket! It’s the best way to make sure I can still use my phone in meetings and with friends where cell phone usage is not appropriate. Plus, it has many other uses like protecting against RFID skimming at airports or on subways.” – Ernestine Johnson;  banker.

Silent pocket is the most convenient and versatile way to keep your phone silent, safe from thieves or hackers and at hand when you need it.

Alonzo Black;  healthcare professional, blogger.

Silent Pockets Pricing Range

Silent pocket is available for purchase on, amazon and other online retailers from $20 plus tax and shipping fees. Larger items such as Silent Pocket Waterproof Laptop Bag which can protect electronics from Water, Spying and Hacking starts from $50.

But, If you add up all of silent pockets features and consider everything it can do for your phone or device, the silent pocket comes out to be a great purchase compared to buying each feature separately on other products.

In conclusion

If you are on the fence about silent pockets, this post should have helped you learn more. We hope to help answer any questions that might be lingering in your mind! You can also contact us if there is anything else we can do for you. Silent pocket has some great features and benefits so it may just be worth a try!