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Quiet Hair Dryers – Buyer’s Guide

Let me tell you a little story about my friend Sarah, who is a hairdresser. Sarah had been in the business for years and had seen all sorts of hair trends come and go. But one trend that she had been waiting for was the rise of quiet hair dryers.

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What is the Typical Noise Level of a Hair Dryer?

A standard hair dryer usually emits around 80 decibels of sound. That’s roughly equivalent to the noise produced by a garbage disposal or city traffic. For context, a vacuum cleaner generates about 70 decibels, while a lawnmower reaches approximately 90 decibels. It’s safe to say that hair dryers fall into the category of being quite loud.

Although there isn’t an official definition for a “quiet” hair dryer, most individuals would likely consider any model below 60 decibels to be notably quiet. Surprisingly, a few hair dryers actually meet this criterion.

Distinguishing itself from other blow dryers, the Dyson Supersonic features a brushless, noiseless motor. With four heat settings and speeds to choose from, this hairdryer’s design allows for maximum heat without the accompanying loud drying sound.

In the same vein, the quiet hair dryer pleasantly surprised Sarah. To her surprise, the quiet hair dryer worked just as well as her old one, but without the loud noise. She could hear her clients talk and listen to music without having to crank up the volume.

So if you’re a hairdresser like Sarah, or just someone who wants a hair dryer that won’t wake up the whole neighborhood, a quiet hair dryer is definitely worth checking out. This guide will explain why having a silent hair dryer is important, what to look for when buying one, and, most importantly, our best selections to help you navigate through your options.

Types of Hair Dryers

Ionic and ceramic hair dryers are the two major types of hair dryers that claim to give your hair the ideal blowout with little damage!
1. Ionic Hair Dryers Negatively charged ions are used in ionic hair dryers to swiftly break down positive charge water molecules, reducing drying time. Hair strands dry easily and sleekly because negatively charged ions do not open the hair cuticle. When drying your hair using an ionic hair drier, you may use a lower heat setting, and the definition of your curls is retained.
2. Ceramic Hair Dryers The ceramic layer within ceramic hair dryers is a major benefit, as it helps spread heat evenly. These hair dryers detect the temperature of the room and adjust the heat accordingly, ensuring that the least amount of heat is utilized throughout the drying process, resulting in a faster drying time and much less damage overall. Ceramic hair dryers reduce heat and speed up drying time, but they don’t create as many negative ions as ionic hair dryers.
Read more about the difference between ionic and ceramic hair dryer at

Is Ionic or Ceramic Hair Dryer Quieter?

There is no clear winner in terms of which type of hair dryer, ionic or ceramic, is quieter as it ultimately depends on the specific model and brand. Some ionic hair dryers may produce less noise than some ceramic hair dryers, and vice versa.

  • According to the review on Byrdie, ceramic hair dryers are generally quieter than ionic hair dryers. The reviewer tested multiple hair dryers and found that the ceramic ones produced less noise overall.
  • On the other hand, the article on InStyle states that ionic hair dryers are quieter due to their technology that emits negative ions to break down water molecules faster. This means less time spent blow-drying and less noise overall.
  • Beauty expert Jennifer Chiu (Youtube Channel) says on her blog that it really depends on the specific hair dryer and its design, as well as the brand. She recommends reading reviews and doing research to find a quiet hair dryer that meets your needs.
  • In the article on TotalBeauty, several hairstylists weigh in on the debate. Some prefer ceramic hair dryers for their ability to distribute heat evenly and prevent damage, while others prefer ionic hair dryers for their faster drying time and ability to reduce frizz.

Overall, it seems that opinions are divided on whether ceramic or ionic hair dryers are quieter. It may come down to personal preference and the specific hair dryer you choose.

Quiet Hair Dryers: Main Features

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If you’re in the market for a silent hair dryer, there are several important factors to consider before making a purchase. One of the most important things to consider is the decibel rating of the hair dryer. The decibel rating indicates how loud the hair dryer is when it is in use. Generally speaking, the lower the decibel rating, the quieter the hair dryer will be.

Another important aspects to consider before purchasing one are listed below.

1. Noise Level A quiet dryer is defined as having a decibel level of about 60 dB. The quietest hair dryers, on the other hand, are rated between 65 and 80 decibels, and the higher the DB rating, the better. VAV 1875 professional hair drier and Paramount X: Q onyx silent dryer are two dryers that are below 70 decibels, with 64db and 63db decibel levels, respectively.
2. Total Wattage The majority of noise-free hair dryers use 1400-1600 watts. Many popular quiet hair dryers, on the other hand, use 1875 watts.
3. Technology Employed When it comes to dryers, it’s vital to keep in mind that different manufacturers use different technologies. In this situation, several goods rely on ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic technologies. These three distinct technologies are meant to make your hair shine while also protecting it from overheating. Some hair dryers employ a combination of these technologies, while others focus on a single technique.
4. Speed and Temperature Settings Many of the hair dryers on this list offer 2 or 3 heat settings as well as two speed levels. Adjustments like this give you more choices when it comes to hairstyles. However, I’m sure you’re aware that it’s best to dry damaged or thin hair at lower temps.
5. Cool Shot Button A cool shot option is available on most silent hair dryers, just as it is on normal hair dryers. It aids in the cooling of your hair and the completion of the look. Some models need you to keep pressing the button until it stops operating; otherwise, it will cease working. In certain cases, there is no such issue.
6. Controls They’re usually found on the handle of a blow dryer, exactly where you grip it. As a result, it’s possible that you’ll swap controls unintentionally when using the tool. It may take some time to adjust to such a situation.
7. Configuration Dual airflow is used in certain silent hair dryers, which improves airflow and, as a consequence, the outcome. Because there is a set gap between the fan and the body, this design can help to decrease noise.
8. Attachments Look for a hair drier with both a concentrator and a diffuser that is quiet. Straight hair benefits from a concentrator nozzle, whereas curly hair benefits from a diffuser nozzle.
9. Power Cord Safety should be a top priority while blow-drying your hair, for both you and others around you. Hair dryers with high-quality cords, particularly copper core cables with soft rubber insulation, should be purchased. Also, to avoid any accidents, make sure the cable cord is long enough.

Are hair dryers bad for your hearing?

In general, intensity of 85 decibels is not perfect for human’s hearing, however, when used for just brief periods, it shouldn’t cause any permanent or temporal damage to hearing and ears. With that being said, if it takes longer periods of time to dry your hair, I’d suggest looking for a quieter hair dryer model.
With that being said, if you’d still feel uncomfortable even with a quieter model, you can measure the outgoing noise with an app, and if it goes over the mentioned minimum level of noise, report it to the manufacturer (you can also write to me, so I can contact the manufacturer and possibly remove that particular model from my list). I would also suggest visiting a doctor to make sure your hearing is not being damaged. This is actually a rarity, but better be safe than sorry.

Best Quiet Hair Dryers: FAQ

Is Dyson hair dryer quieter?

While Dyson has claimed that the Supersonic hair dryer is quieter than the competition (keep in mind that “supersonic” means “greater than the speed of sound”), both our Lab tests and consumer tests found that the hair dryer is about as noisy as other hair dryers.

What makes a hair dryer noisy?

Conventional hair dryers usually have a bulky fan in the back, just behind the heating wires. Because the motor’s fan is much larger than the dryer’s nozzle, when the fast airflow passes through the narrow vent, the airflow will make a high-pitched sound just like deflating a balloon.

What decibel is a hair dryer?

A conventional hair dryer emits up to 80 decibels, but it is possible to find hair dryers approaching 60 decibels, particularly in online stores with expertise in hair tools.

How do you reduce hair dryer noise?

Unfortunately, you don’t have many options here. One thing to do is to attach a diffuser to your hair dryer, which limits the outgoing noise a bit, however, diffusers are mainly used by women with curly hair (to avoid frizzy hair), so it might not be the best idea to use it all the time.

Best Quiet Hair Dryers: Comparison Table & Main Features

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1. Sam Villa Professional Ionic Dryer – Best Compact

[amazon box=”B07YSGTYLT”]
If you’re searching for a professional blow dryer that’s also lightweight, compact, and portable, this Sam Villa Ionic Blow Dryer (official website) is a great option. It’s small and just weighs a pound.

Extra Quiet

Devices with a power output of up to 1600W are typically considered to be the quietest. This gadget, on the other hand, has 1750W and does not exceed the permitted noise level. That means you may swiftly dry your curls without causing excessive noise to your ears. While styling, you may even chat and hear another person clearly.

Easy to Use

There are two-speed settings and three temperature selections on the gadget, as well as a separate button for turning on the cold airflow. Perhaps the only disadvantage is the relatively hefty price. It’s more on the high end of the scale. This dryer, on the other hand, is not overpriced.


The hairdryer was created with coarse and frizzy hair in mind. It has an ion generator integrated to maintain your strands absolutely smooth and healthy-looking. It is, however, typically appropriate for any kind. The package comes with two different-sized attachments, however, a bowl diffuser must be purchased separately. Check price at,

Video: Sam Villa Limited Edition Professional Ionic Blow Dryer – Features & Uses

2. Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer – Best Quick Drying

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This beauty equipment (official website) stands out with its out-of-the-ordinary hairdryer design. The attractive design, however, serves a function. The handle’s impeller can blast out 13 liters of air per second for quick-drying, yet it’s three times lighter than traditional hair dryers. Furthermore, the dryer’s heat safety sensor technology maintains the temp under control to prevent overheating.

Rubber Mount Attachment

To prevent noise, the innovative tool employs a rubber mount to reduce friction between the motor and the handle. And, instead of the usual 13 blades used in conventional hair dryers, the maker used just 11 to create a silent device.

Three Airflow Settings

Extensions that can be connected with a magnet, a smoothing nozzle for uniform heat distribution, and a high-velocity styling concentrator are all unique characteristics. Even better, it has four heat and three airflow settings to choose from.


While the price may not be excessive, this is the only supersonic dryer constructed of the same material used in police shields, making it extremely robust and capable of keeping you in business for a long time. Check price at,,

Video: How to blow dry your hair with a Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

3. GAMMA+ 3500 Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer – Best in Heat Power

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One widespread misunderstanding regarding silent hair dryers is that they work poorly. The GAMMA+ 3500 Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer (official website) begs to disagree. It has the capacity to reduce drying time by up to 75%, which is a significant amount of time that you might be spending on more essential tasks!

Superb Heat Power

The Gamma+ Italia 3500 Tourmaline drier is a godsend for people who are obsessed with heat, power and drying speed. In lab tests, the 3500 achieved a motor speed/velocity of 119 miles per hour and a maximum heat of 273 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s great for all hair types and the hairdryer of choice for textured, coarse, or unmanageable hair.

Italian Design and Technology

With a professional supercharged AC motor for optimum power and performance, the Gamma+ Italia 3500 Tourmaline combines the best Italian design with cutting-edge technology. In addition, the 3500 helps protect hair from damage and moisture loss by drying up to 75 percent faster.


This hair dryer has advanced tourmaline ionization technology that produces negative ions and is focused far-infrared for intelligent heat that helps to swiftly dry hair from the inside out, seal, and maintain strands’ natural shine-reflective outer cuticle layer, sounds like a win for people that needs more hair power. Check price at,

Video: Gamma+ Aria Dual Ionic Dryer tutorial

4. BIO IONIC 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer – Best in Nourishing Technology

[amazon box=”B0718Z35LY”]
In less than a pound, this hairdryer (official website) packs a lot of punch. The 1800W EcoDrive brushless motor is 50% more efficient than a conventional motor, allowing you to dry your hair in just 10 minutes while using 75% less energy.

Quiet Dual Hair Flow

This hair drier has dual airflow, a low wattage of 1400, and replaceable filters, all of which work together to make the device quieter. Once you’ve connected the diffuser or concentrator, you’ll notice that the operation is quieter, as quiet as a whisper, as the business claims. The fact that it has a decibel level of 70 DB speaks for itself.

Volcanic Mineral-Infused

It not only dries hair rapidly, but it also profoundly nourishes it. The infusion of blended volcanic minerals provides the moisture that damaged hair requires. It also emits infrared heat, which seals in hair’s natural moisture and gives it a lustrous sheen.


The Bio Ionic 10x Ultralight Speed Dryer is everything you need if you’re ready to tackle hair drying seriously. It is, without a doubt, one of the best hair dryers on the market today. Thanks to its innovative technology, it will dry your hair in much less than 10 minutes and keeping it hydrated and healthy too. Check price at,,

Video: Bio Ionic 10X UltraLight Speed Dryer

5. Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Hair Dryer – Best Reduction in Frizz and Static

[amazon box=”B002BFX6EO”]

Based in France, Sedu (official website) emerged as a specialized company dedicated to the development, production, and distribution of hairstyling appliances such as hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons, and hot air stylers. The JINRI Professional Salon Hair Drye is a strong handcrafted gadget that offers up to 70% less drying time thanks to its minimalist design, brushless motor, ceramic grill, ionic technology, and embedded far-infrared heat strip.

Ceramic Grill

The Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Hair Dryer has a ceramic grill that delivers equal heat distribution and heat control. The brushless motor provides silent operation and a drying time of over 5,000 hours. The hair drier has a built-in far-infrared heat strip and negative ion conditioning technology to remove frizz and improve shine.

90% Reduction in Frizz and Static

The Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline presents a remarkable achievement: its ceramic componentry reduces frizz and static by an astounding 90%. This achievement isn’t merely superficial – it’s backed by a thorough understanding of how ceramics interact with hair at a molecular level. The even heat distribution of ceramics minimizes the disruption of the hair cuticle, resulting in smoother, shinier locks that are free from frizz-induced chaos and static cling.


With the price of hair tools skyrocketing these days, the Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline is really very smart purchase. The gadget is well-made, and the variety of unique functions significantly reduce drying time. Check price at,

Video: Sedu Revolution Blow Dryer 4000i

6. Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer – Best Ceramic Coating

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This blow drier, according to the manufacturer (official website), is roughly 50% quieter than most competing hair dryers. It’s difficult to say for sure, however, this Revlon blow dryer is one of the quietest hair dryers we’ve ever encountered. Even in the high-speed setting, it operates at about 70 – 74 decibels, making it relatively quiet. The one-of-a-kind fan design is said to help with noise reduction.

Three-Layer Ceramic Coating

This hair drier has up to three layers of ceramic coating, which ensures uniform heat distribution and minimal damage by drying hair from the inside out. This product has ionic technology, which helps to improve shine, reduce frizz, and smooth your hair.

Two-Speed Settings

In terms of style, there are two heat and two-speed settings, as well as an air-dry option that is meant to dry hair without heat.


A smoothing concentrator is included for precision hair drying and style. The only problem is that this connection keeps sliding off, which may be rather inconvenient. Overall, this hair drier does the job and is reasonably priced. Check price at,

Video: Revlon QuietPro Product Review

7. JINRY Hair Dryer 1875W – Best Infrared Technology

[amazon box=”B07FLVHMVZ”]
The JINRI 1875W Professional Negative Ionic Salon Hair Dryer (official website) allows customers with a wide range of hair types and colors to say goodbye to the norm. A detachable filter keeps hair from being sucked into the blow dryer and allows for quick cleanup. Diffuser + Professional Concentrator for quick-drying and precise style, two multifunction concentrator attachments are included.

Powerful Motor and Negative Ion Technology

This hair drier has a strong 1875W AC motor that produces forceful airflow while producing very little noise, allowing you to dry your hair in less time. Hair dryers with AC motors are more stable and last longer than those using DC motors. Negative Ion Technology is also included. An ionic dryer breaks down droplets in the hair, enabling water to evaporate faster and therefore speeding up the drying process.

Infrared Heat Technology and Cool Shot Button

This hair drier dries your hair from the inside out at a lower temperature, which is better for your hair in the long run. It also includes a Cool Shot Button, which directs a burst of cool air to seal your style and eliminate frizzies, while also adding shine and establishing the final look for long-lasting hold.


With 2 speed 3 heat settings Grade Hair Dryer Diffuser, cool button, 3 temperature settings (high, medium, and low), and 2 speeds Attachments, this dryer is a decent product that is worthy of its name. Check price at,

Video: Professional Salon Hair Dryer – 1875W Jinri Negative Ionic Hair Blow Dryer Review

In Conclusion

Although a quiet hair drier may not be completely silent, it will significantly improve your style experience. Perhaps even your life! Your hearing, as well as the rest of your family, will thank you for investing in a quiet hair dryer.
As we wrap up, there are several advantages to using a silent hair dryer. The only probable disadvantage is the cost, although there are still inexpensive options available. And now that you know what to look for when you go shopping, we hope you discover the finest silent hair dryer for you!

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